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Homeland Efficiency’s CEO,  Jack Bauer, has over 26 years of professional experience in the field of estate management, ranch management, commercial and corporate facilities management, business management, mechanical systems design, property development, commercial development, and construction management. A graduate of New Mexico State University, Jack has degrees in Engineering and Business. Jack is also a Certified Green Professional( and Systems Maintenance Specialist(

In the early 1990s, Jack managed the operations for the 2.5 million square foot commercial portfolio of the Quadrant Corporation. Jack went on to manage the operations for the 357,000 square foot award winning headquarters building, along with the extensive corporate campus of commercial buildings for the Weyerhaeuser Company.

In the mid 1990s, still in Seattle, Jack was recruited as Estate Manager for one of  the largest and most prominent estate properties as well as a portfolio of property operations, budgets, and construction projects. He proved himself by revitalizing the projects on many levels while improving service, operations, and customer service, and reducing operating costs.

Jack became Director of Estate Management for a prominent family and managed a large portfolio of prominent Estates across the country.
Jack’s reputation as an Estate Manager and Construction Manager spread, which led to his managing the completion of over $100 million in high-end estate construction projects throughout the United States, delivering these projects on time and within specified budgets. Jack managed the construction of 7 large estate properties and has also built dozens of smaller homes throughout the United States. In addition to the buildings, projects included planning, entitlement, cattle ranch management, hunting/fishing facilities, solar power plant, commercial docks, helicopter port, sporting clay course, underground survival facility, water treatment systems, safe rooms, advanced security and automated control systems. Jack also managed many of these estates in his role as Estate Manager for many years while consistently meeting or exceeding expectations and provided excellent service at the highest levels available.


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